My Account. log in here. A community giving up the cost of a few mochas a month to support development projects in Africa.

why mocha?

Small contributions add up to make a huge difference. YOU make a difference each month simply by giving up the cost of a few mochas. Not “into” mochas? How about tacos, manicures, ice cream, movie tickets. See your impact below.


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Meet Everton

“We previously walked miles for clean water. We are now pumping water nearby using solar energy, and the previous challenges encountered are just history. We praise God for this!” – Everton learn more


Meet Francis

At age 9, Francis was orphaned. He provided for himself and his brother by gathering garbage for a few shillings. Francis now attends New Dawn Education Centre on scholarship where he has opportunity through education and job training. learn more


Fekerete's Story

After years on the street, I heard about Women at Risk and immediately enrolled into the program to receive training that will give me an employable skill and get healthcare for my son so he can thrive.  learn more


A Single Mom's Story

I am a single mother of 2 children in Kenya. Because of Mocha Club’s HIV/AIDS + Health Care projects, I feel healthy, I eat well, and can now take my ARVs more comfortably than previously when I was frustrated and dejected. learn more


Meet Ebenezer

My school uniform was torn and I couldn’t come to school. I sometimes wore house attire to school and I was very sad, but now, because of you, I come to school always happy and ready to learn with my friends.  I thank you for what you have done. learn more

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

 - Desmond TuTu

you can make a difference

why club?

The impact starts with you giving up a few mochas a month. The impact grows when you invite your friends. Use the Mocha Club’s invite tool (above) and ask your friends to join you, and they’ll give up a trip to their favorite sushi spot, movie theater, or however they spend their extra dollars.They tell their friends who tell more friends… you get the idea.

Your voice is a very powerful thing.

Our Approach Extreme poverty requires holistic solutions, so, we work in 5 Main Project Areas

  • Clean
  • Education
  • Economic
  • Healthcare
  • Orphan

The challenges Africans face today are as diverse as HIV/AIDS, access to clean water, & the vulnerability of women. Mocha Club is committed to locally developed projects where the community identifies the needs & the response.


We are so excited to announce that, this spring, we will be teaming up with Sidewalk Prophets as the newest Mocha Club artist sponsor!  These guys have traveled to Africa and have seen the work being done over there.  They share our heart for our partners in Africa and are dedicated to our Education projects.  Starting next week, they will be touring throughout the country sharing their music and heart for the Mocha Club.  Together with you, they will be sponsoring Education.  Join with Sidewalk Prophets & receive the new… [continue reading on our blog]

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We are excited to announce our newest Mocha Club artist sponsor : SIDEWALK PROPHETS! Read more ➡️ themochaclub.orgHappy Webisode Wednesday! This week it's all about @charbeckshoots + @mattwertz + YOU! Watch and see what Mocha Club members traveled over to Africa with the guys in this "Behind the Scenes" video! ➡️
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