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trips 2011

We are excited to announce that Mocha Club, with the help of 963 Missions, will be taking four trips to Africa in 2011 and we want you to come with us!

To read more about the trips offered, head to Mocha Club’s Trip page!

Interested in going? Go on over to the 963 Missions website for more information.

Your $7 a month is making a massive difference on the continent of Africa… here is your chance to see that difference!

Mocha Club Members

I would say that I was drawn to Mocha Club because of the concept that I can give up so little so others can live. God continues to show me that I can give up something so small for the welfare of others. Because what he provides will always be enough for me. The overflow of that is what He ask me to give to others. I love that Mocha Club makes it easy to encourage others to sacrifice something so small as a Mocha, coffee, etc.
Cara in Arkansas
After realizing there was more I wanted to offer the world I started doing some research into what I wanted to do. I believe in helping others and often time in doing so you help yourself more. I think Ghandi said it well "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in serving others" I had heard Matt Wertz talk about the Mocha Club so I decided to look into it. I immediately knew this is where I wanted to sow into. My hope now is that this small gesture will help change someone's life .
Shelby in Alabama