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Chonda Pierce

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Chonda Pierce

Chonda Pierce, armed with an abundance of unpretentious Southern charm and laser-sharp wit, is adding a heart piece to her fall comedy tour by supporting women who are trapped in the sex industry. Chonda has been entertaining audiences from coast to coast for more than a decade but we might love her more for the fact that she puts her faith where her mouth is and stands up for those that cannot stand up for themselves.”

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Chonda Pierce

Mocha Club Members

I joined the Mocha Club last November after hearing about it at a Matt Wertz concert. Africa has always had a special place in my heart. God has blessed me in many ways so I feel like its the least I can do to give back each month and through special projects throughout the year.
Kathy in North Carolina
When I decide to make giving a priority for the new year, I was really nervous about how I would budget it into an already tight budget. After hearing that I could give $9 a month, I was convinced I could find $9 worth of unnecessary purchases in my monthly spending and turn that into positive spending. Now that I am giving, I realize there was nothing to be nervous about. I do not even miss those unnecessary purchases and each month when I see my $9 charge for Mocha Club, I know I am helping create change.  Even if I help change one life, I am making a difference.
Katie in Tennessee