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Campus Reps have been holding Coffee House events at their schools to raise awareness and recruit members for Mocha Club.

Reminder: Campus Rep applications for the spring 2010 semester are due THIS Friday, November 20!!  Email


Ashlee Adams (MC Rep at Univ of Oklahoma) held a coffee house one Friday night at a local coffee shop


Mocha Club Members

I joined Mocha Club because, going to school in Nashville, you see how passionately the musicians who represent the organization live out their faith and commitment to MC. My dear friend brought me along to volunteer at a Matt Wertz concert and I was hooked!
Leslie in Pennsylvania
I was inspired to join Mocha Club after hearing a passionate explanation of what it's all about from Matt Wertz at one of his shows. The concept of giving up just a few "mochas" (in my case, green tea lemonades) a month brilliantly displays the reality of how easy it is to help others. In our privileged first world lives (even for those of us who barely make rent) that really is nothing out of the budget. The impact just one person can have on such life-changing causes is more rewarding then we can imagine. It should be this obvious to everyone!  Get involved.
Whitney in New York